The event is delayed until further notice.

"Istria Challenge" 2002-2008 is a widely know race for our old friends and lovers of old school off-road racing. We are, as fans of the nineties off-road racing, reviving the "Istria Challange", but this time at a diffent location and harsher terrains. 

From conversations with old friends we all concluded that we miss those kinds of manifestations where the goal would not only be the race itself, but also companionship, agrotourism, good food and music. The race should be just a good excuse for your wife to allow you a 7-day stay in the Croatian forests.

We would like to see the race grow into a tradition and becomea series of yearly manifestations with internatinal following. Those types of events would be called "OLD SCHOOL OFF-ROAD" with each event having the same vehicle regulations, in other words, classes. 

This race itself is called "Lika Challenge" and it takes place in the deserted, vast, hilly area in the countryside of northern Dalmatia, passing next to the cites of Gracac, Lovinac, Mazin.... just to name a few.

       Event date: Sunday 27.09.2020 - Friday 02.10.2020