200,00 € (160,00 € excl VAT) each Rancho RS9000XL HD



Rancho RS9000XL HD Shock Absorber 

Large, 2.75-in. (70mm) tri-tube body* - Increased fluid capacity to operate cooler
Large, heavy-duty 18mm Nitro-Carb rod* - Increases scuffing resistance & corrosion protection
9-position tuning technology - Allows for optimal performance in any environment
9-Position adjustment knob - Provides a clear understanding of tuning level
Gas pressurization of shock - Minimizes air-to-oil mixture
Graphite-filled, Fluon banded - piston Provides smoother piston travel & greater responsiveness
1-1/4-in. Diameter Sintered Iron piston - Brings increased structural conformity
Rebound Bumper - Helps control the rebound motion during harsh driving conditions
Low-Friction, self-lubricating seal - Provides an extra layer of defense against dirt & debris
Liquid metallic finish - Premium long lasting finish
Protective boot - Added protection for the shock rod and oil seal
Double-welded loops - Added strength and durability
*Size varies by application